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Competitive Comparison


In addition to the history and reputation of the company producing the VRA technology, there are some distinguishing features of Pehratek Products VRA systems that warrant consideration.

  • Pehratek Products has been the leader in VRA technology since 2012 offering many models and accessory items to tailor-make each installation to the specific needs of the clinic.
  • Can the VRA system work on different technologies (ie, Infra-Red verses Radio Frequency) to eliminate interference and work cooperatively with other wireless equipment used in the clinic or hospital?
  • Is the remote control easily operable and ergonomically designed? (Fewer buttons with LED function indicators to see at a glance which options are selected)
  • Is the remote control “SMART” by offering multiple functions and timing capabilities to facsilitate pediatric testing efficiencies? (Selectable On Time, All-On feature for distraction)
  • Does the VRA offer multiple attractors to offer a variety of stimulus to the child? (Lights, sounds, different types of motion, interchangeable toy characters)
  • Can the VRA system be installed asthetically pleasing nested in the sound field speakers to occupy the minimum space in the sound room and still look professional for adult patients when not in use?
  • Can the VRA system be customized to the user’s preferences by changing the sounds, video images or backgrounds?
  • Can the VRA system be used inside the booth for conditioned play audiometery?
  • Is the VRA system available in a QUAD configuration and/or can a combination of video and toy systems be operated with one remote control?
  • Can the VRA system be mounted using various brackets such as: dual-arm swing brackets, rolling stands, flush mount or corner mountings?
  • Can the VRA system be controlled by an APP?
  • Can the VIDEO VRA offer an animated SRT board, live animal clips and High-Definition video clips?
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