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VRA Testing Equipment

VRA (Visual Reinforcement Audiometry) equipment offers a valuable hearing testing procedure for young children. As useful as it is, however, it’s only as effective as the equipment you use to administer it. Quality VRA testing equipment is the key to accurate hearing analysis of preschoolers and toddlers. Pehratek Products is the leading innovator of VRA testing equipment; give us a call today to learn more.

What Is Visual Reinforcement Audiometry?

Visual Reinforcement Audiometry is a testing procedure that lets doctors assess the hearing ability of preschoolers and toddlers who are too young for conventional hearing tests. VRA testing incorporates an audiometer and sound field speakers to measure a child’s responses to soft sounds by rewarding their orientation to the sound.

Because young children typically don’t respond well to traditional hand-raising testing methods, VRA testing reinforces their hearing behavior by rewarding them with an interesting animated response to keep their attention and keep them listening for the next presentation to complete the test!

The key to successful VRA testing is to offer multiple attention-getting responses with an ever changing array of LED lights, movement, and sounds to attract their attention and keep them listening and attending throughout the test.

Who Is Pehratek Products?

Pehratek Products is the leader in innovative VRA technology. Our products are designed to help evaluate young children’s hearing abilities and offer insights into creating more effective treatment plans. As the market leader in VRA technology, we offer a wide line of animated VRA devices to engage children and increase the effectiveness of the testing. Young children deserve the best care and treatment to grow up with optimal hearing and communication skills, so this investment is well worth making.

Are you ready to get started? Browse our selection of animated VRA testing equipment and choose what’s right for you. We know you’ll be happy with our products. Give us a call at (866) 470-3532 to learn more.