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XM-5000 IR (infra-red) 3D Toy - Installation Guide / User Manual

XM-5000 RF (radio-frequency) 3D Toy - Installation Guide / User Manual

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Trouble Shooting / How-To Guides

How-To Guide - Determining Model of System

How-To Guide - Proper Placement of IR Sensors

How-To Guide - Troubleshooting - XM-5000 - Checking Connections

How-To Guide - XM-5000 - Changing Units into Right or Left Units

How-To Guide - XM-5000 and VDS-3000 - Changing RF Channels

Troubleshooting - XM-5000 - Troubleshooting Device Stays On

Troubleshooting - XM-5000 - Troubleshooting No Sound

Frequently Asked Questions

Issue: What information do I need to know when contacting you for troubleshooting help or service?


Please let us know:

  • Toy or Video
  • Model, such as XM-5000, VDS-1500, or VDS-3000
  • RF (radio-frequency) or IR (infra-red)
  • Approximate age of system - precision is not needed for this

Issue: How do I know what model I have?


  • The easiest way to determine the model is to look at the bottom front of the remote control.
  • It will say something like: “VDS-3000 IR” or “XM-5000 RF”.
  • See our How-To Guide - Determining Model of System.

Issue: The remote control in one booth sometimes operates the unit in another booth.


  • Do you have a RF (radio-frequency)? You can check the bottom of the front of the remote control. After the model name it will say “RF” if you have an RF system.
  • There is RF signal bleed from one room to another.
  • There are four available channels with Pehratek RF remotes and RF receivers.
  • If you have multiple rooms with RF systems, we recommend you use different channels in the rooms to eliminate the RF signal bleed.
  • See our How-To Guide: Changing RF Channels – XM-5000 and VDS-3000

  • Another option is to convert your system from RF to IR.
  • We have conversion kits available.
  • However, RF can be simpler to use. IR requires a direct line-of-sight from the remote control to the IR sensors.

Issue: Some things are working on the toy unit, but other things are not. For example, the unit lights up, but the toy does not move or moves sporadically.


  • It appears that there is a loose connection so that you are likely getting partial power going to the unit.
  • This is likely the case if you are having trouble with only one unit and the other unit works fine.
  • There are a few places to check the connections.
  • See our How-To Guide: Trouble Shooting – Checking Connections – XM-5000.

Issue: When we push buttons on the remote, nothing happens. There is no activity with either Left or Right Units.


  • There are a number of things to check if nothing is happening with the VRA system. We’ll start with some basic things to check first to try to narrow down the problem. Sorry some of them are basic - we’re not trying to insult anyone’s intelligence!
  • Replace the batteries in the remote with fresh batteries.
  • Check both ends of the power cords. Ensure that they are inserted snuggly. They can become loose over time or due to movement.
  • Check the internal connections. See our How-To Guide: Trouble Shooting – Checking Connections – XM-5000.
  • If this is an IR (infra-red) system, ensure that you have a clear line of sight from the remote control to an IR sensor when using remote.
  • If you have walked through all of these steps and have not resolved the problem, there is likely an issue with the remote control or the signal receiver(s).
  • We recommend replacing both the remote and receiver(s). If after you receive the new remote and receiver you find that you only need one of those, you can return the unneeded component for a full refund. 

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