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3D Toy VRA System (XM-5000)

3D Toy VRA System (XM-5000)

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Ever popular XM-5000 Toy-Based VRA that offers complete control over functions of sound, movement, light patterns, and backlight with the SMART remote control.  Each function is immediately recognizable with LEDs showing its status during the testing.  The SMART remote can control up to four devices (VIDEO+TOY) or (QUAD TOY SYSTEMS) plus the centering box.  Can be mounted flat to a sound room wall or in the corners using the installation kit.

  • Two Animated 3D Toys with Movements, Sounds, and LED Lights
  • Bright 40 LED Selectable Light Patterns /10 Selectable Sounds
  • Interchangeable Toys (9 Styles) Magnetic Base
  • Controlled by RF or Infra-Red Remote  –No interference
  • QUAD Operation 4 Boxes Controlled by One Remote
  • Compact Sized Enclosure Fits Flat to Wall (11”-11”-6”)
  • SMART Remote LEDs Display Functions Selected
  • Selectable ON-TIME Interval or ALL-ON For Distraction
  • Corner Mounting Bracket-2 Additional Toys Included
  • 3 Optional Center Boxes (controlled from same remote)
  • Customizable Toy , Backgrounds, or Sounds

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 12 × 12 in
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