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Pehratek Products

Pehratek Products is a trusted company providing innovative reliable VRA pediatric testing products to professionals since 1996. We offer a complete line of support and accessory items to tailor make each installation for maximum functionality and effectiveness of clinic time!

About Us

Pehratek Products was created in 1979 as a design lab for specialty products in the areas of communications and hearing health care. As an outgrowth of work Dr. Pehringer was completing for his graduate studies in audiology, he had created the first product called the REINFORCER VRA introduced in late 1980. Combining elements of design innovation, expanded feature set and superb product performance, its popularity grew as an easy-to-use, reliable pediatric testing system for research and clinical applications. Today, Pehratek Products are used by audiologists, researchers and pediatric clinics around the world as the gold standard in pediatric testing systems to assure accurate and reliable test results.

Featured Products

VDS 3000

Colorful Bright Animations Attract Attention



Popular Disney Characters with Lights/Sounds/Movement

xm 5000 img

Product Categories

Sound Field Speakers with Built-In VRA Systems

Hearing Testing Products


Mounting Solutions

Centering Devices

XM-5000 Toy VRA Systems

Video VRA Systems

RF vs IR


Hospitals, Large Clinics: Use IR to avoid interference from other radiating devices nearby

ENT Offices: Use RF for easy installation and omnidirectional control

Multiple Sound Rooms: Use IR to avoid cross interference between booths or a combination of (RF) and (IR) to cover multiple rooms
(RF offers up to 4 different channels of operation)



RADIO FREQUENCY (RF) is a wireless transmission of control signals on a specific radio frequency (433MHz) radiating outward in all directions equally through most materials.


thermograph spectrum colors backgrounds

INFRA-RED (IR) is a wireless transmission of a control signal using infra-red spectrum light waves to flood the room.

Since 2016 all Pehratek Products were designed to operate using both Infra-Red (IR) or Radio Frequency (RF) control signals to provide the greatest installation flexibility and reduction of interference. What’s more, they can be converted in the field from IR to RF and vice versa quickly and easily without replacing the main VRA units should interference from competing technology arise.


Pehratek Products offers many forms of suppot prior to ordering product, questions about operating a newly acquired product, warranty situations, or troubleshooting problems long after the purchase to solve issues or to obtain factory service.

Please contact us at:

Or call us at (866) 470-3532

Contact Us

Feel free to contact Pehratek Products with any questions about installation, operation, or troubleshooting our products.

E-MAIL:   PHONE  866-470-3532

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