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Centering - 3D Toy (Lighted Duck)

Centering - 3D Toy (Lighted Duck)

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Upgrade your VRA system by adding a Centering Unit! Pehratek offers three different models of Centering Units to give you options for what will work best for you and your patients.

Centering Units reorient a patient's attention back to neutral starting position (straight ahead) and away from the left/right units. The fun Pehratek Centering Units will help you with even the most challenging patients.

All Centering Units work with existing Pehratek VRA remote!

This happy, smiling Duck is stationary. The unit is brightly lit with a white lights to grab the patients’ attention. There are no sounds or movement. If you're looking for sound and movement, be sure to check out our Dog Centering Unit.

3D Toy Centering Units work with both types of VRA Systems (Toy and Video)!



LED brightly lit Duck

No external power needed

Easy, Plug and Play installation - just one cable to attach to either Left or Right VRA unit

Mounting keyholes

Size: 4.5" x 6.5" x 7.5"

Part number: LPC-200

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