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VRA System Bundle - Basic Bundle

VRA System Bundle - Basic Bundle

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Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) for Pediatric Hearing Testing – Complete Audiology System BASIC BUNDLE with 3D Toy VRA Units (2 – one each for Left and Right) and Remote Control -Radio Frequency

BASIC BUNDLE INCLUDES: 3D Toy VRA Units (2 – one each for Left and Right); Remote Control (controls: motion, sounds, LED lights)

EXPAND YOUR PRACTICE! NOW YOU CAN OFFER HEARING TESTING FOR MORE PATIENTS! By using modified operant conditioning of your patient, you can measure the response to an auditory stimulus by observing the turning of the patient’s head. This allows testing of patients who have difficulty with traditional testing and instructions.

IDEAL FOR CHILDREN 6 MONTHS TO 36 MONTHS! Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) a technique used for measurement of detection of sound in infants and young children. VRA does not rely on instructions to the patient or their ability to comprehend.

NOW YOU CAN TEST PEOPLE WITH COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT! The possibilities go beyond the young pediatric population to include people who are: 1) Developmentally Delayed 2) Autistic 3) diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome 4) suffer from other cognitive impairment

AVAILABLE IN BOTH INFRA-RED (IR) AND RADIO FREQUENCY (RF) MODELS: We recommend: IR: for hospitals and large, multi-specialty clinics to avoid interference from other radiating devices nearby. RF: for audiology, ENT, and pediatric clinics for easy installation and omni-directional control.

VRA is a technique used for measurement of detection of sound in infants and young children. It uses modified operant conditioning of the child to respond to an auditory stimulus by turning his/her head to look at a visual reinforcer. The lowest intensity level at which a reliable response is obtained is considered the Minimum Response Level (MRL) and can be frequency- and ear-specific.

The SMART remote control can be used to operate both monitors and centering device showing selected functions of sound, LED Attractor Strip, and display options with LED lights. Includes the new “ALL-ON” or Single ON for Counselling or Display SRT, Hearing Aids, Adult PT Information. Built in animated SRT board selectable as file #2.

Pehratek VRA can be operated on either RF or IR to eliminate any possible Interference from nearby devices.

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