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3D Toy

  • Multiple Motion + Light Modes
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • 11"H x 11"W x 6"D

Starting at $1949

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HD Video

  • 15.6" Bright LED Back Lit LCD
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • 11"H x 18"W x 1.5"D

Starting at $3795

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What is Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA):

  • Technique used for measurement of detection of sound in infants and young children
  • Does not rely on instructions to the patient or their ability to comprehend

By using modified operant conditioning of patient, can measure the response to an auditory stimulus by observing the turning of patient’s head.

  • Allows testing of patients who have difficulty with traditional testing and instructions.

Why Use VRA

Expand the Number of Patients for Hearing Testing

  • Allows testing of patients who have difficulty with traditional testing and instructions
  • Ideal for children 6 months to 36 months
  • Great for patients with cognitive impairment, such as development delays, autism, Down's syndrome, and dementia

IR or RF: Which to Choose?

"All Available in IR and RF Models"

IR (Infra-Red)

  • Hospitals and large, multi-specialty clinics
  • Avoid interference from other radiating devices nearby

RF (Radio Frequency)

  • Audiology, ENT, and pediatric clinics
  • Easy installation and omni-directional control

RF Remotes have 4 different channels.
If there are more than 4 sound rooms, go with IR.


Data Supports Video over Toy VRA

Better data collection from patient + More data points with Video

Other Considerations:

  • Room Size: Video VRA take up less booth space only extending 2" from the wall
  • Practitioner Preferences: Depending upon training, comfort level, and familiarity
  • Cost: Video VRA systems will be a bigger investment (starting at about $2,000 more)

"Audiologic Guidelines for the Assessment of Hearing in Infants and Young Children"

(British Society of Audiology, 2014)


Avg. number of head turn responses prior to habituation:

Video = 15

Toy = 11

Centering Units

"Get Better Results!"

  • No Centering Unit

  • 3D Toy Lighted Unit

  • 3D Toy Motion + Sound Unit

  • HD Video Unit

1 of 4

Centering units reorient patient's attention back to neutralstarting position (straight ahead) and away from the left/right units


Why use Pehratek?

  • Easy Installation

    Plug and Play installation

    No computer required

    No calibration needed

    No software

  • Easy Ordering

    60 day returns

    2 year warranty

    No restocking fees

    No minimum order

    Drop shipping available with no extra fees

    Worldwide shipping

You Have Options!

3D Toy + HD Video options

RF (radio-frequency) and IR (infra-red) options

3 different centering unit options (2 3D Toy + 1 HD video)

Can combine 3D Toy centering units with HD Video systems

Additional 3D Toy figures available